MyoBlitz XS


Ronnie Coleman Myo-Blitz has been on the market for a few years now, and during that time as enjoyed the success of being one of the most popular pre workout supplements around. As with all good supplement manufacturers, Ronnie Coleman knows that technology is constantly improving, and to stay ahead of the pack, you need to continually provide your loyal customer with innovative and improved products. This is where MyoBlitz XS comes in, the successor to the original MyoBlitz.

MyoBlitz XS Highlights

  • New stronger formula
  • Unique, original, and modern ingredients
  • Sustained release energy

MyoBlitz XS Ingredients

MyoBlitz XS is made up of two matrices. The Strength, Stamina, & Pump Enhancers which contains creatine monohydrate, creatine gluconate, citrulline, beta-alanine, betaine nitrate, glucoronolactone, HICA, Adhatoda vasica, and AstraGin. The second matrix is the CNS, Focus & Energy Stimulators, which contain tyrosine, phenylalanine, caffeine anhydrous, PharmaShure XR Caffeine, Acacia rigidula, taurine, Citrus aurantium, Shizandra extract, and Cocoabuterol cocoa extract.

MyoBlitz XS Pros & Effectiveness

Right off the bat, MyoBlitz XS is worlds beyond the original MyoBlitz in regards to potency. Afterall, the XS stands for eXtra Strength. Some complained that the old product was a little tame in regards to its level of stimulants, but we are confident to say that very few people will be saying the same thing about this new XS version.

A few minutes after your first dose you will notice the characteristic tingling from the beta-alanine. Then, the energy matrix kicks in and you will feel a surge of energy from the five different stimulants. Of these, the PharmaShure XR Caffeine is a noteworthy mention as it is a special form of microencapsulated caffeine that allows for a more sustained release of caffeine into the blood stream, providing long lasting energy.

Fans of the original MyoBlitz would not be disappointed to know that many of the original ingredients have been carried over into the XS version. However, new additions include beta-alanine (to buffer against lactic acid), betaine nitrate (to improve strength), Adhatoda vasica (bronchial dilation), Acacia rigidula (potent stimulant), and Cocoabuterol (more stimulants). The inclusion of these ingredients all help to make MyoBlitz XS better than its predecessor.

Again, much like the old MyoBlitz, the XS stacks beautifully with Testogen XR, which, when combined, will give you the best of both worlds, providing some great pumps, intense energy, and the benefits of increased testosterone.

MyoBlitz XS Cons & Negatives

One of the criticisms for the old MyoBlitz that doesn’t seem to be addressed is that MyoBlitz XS still uses a proprietary blend. This makes working out the doses of the ingredients quite difficult. This is especially important considering that both the new and old formula contain around 6000 mg of active ingredients, but the new formula contains a greater number of ingredients. It is true that many of the new additions do not require a high dose, but it would be nice to see exactly how much of everything has been incorporated into the formula.

Another issue to be mindful of, is that because MyoBlitz XS contains a sustained release form of caffeine, that the stimulatory effects of this pre workout are quite long lasting. If you tend to work out late in the day, or are quite sensitive to caffeine, this may not be the right product for you.

MyoBlitz XS Taste & Mixability

Ronnie Coleman very rarely lets you down in the flavour department. Strangely enough, MyoBlitz XS no longer contains the SensaCool flavouring system, which was something that made Ronnie’s products quite unique. Although the flavouring is completely different, it does not disappoint. For the most part, it fixes fairly well, with minimal remaining particles and sediments. The flavouring is very much like a delicious sugar-free cordial, albeit with the slightest tinge of a bitter aftertaste. This is most likely a result of the high concentration of stimulants in the product. Despite this, once again, we would like to congratulate Mr 8x Olympia on the amount of effort he has gone to in order to make this a good tasting product.

MyoBlitz XS Verdict

Ronnie Coleman MyoBlitz XS is a big step above the original MyoBlitz. The most noticeable is the energy complex, which gives you quite a kick. The formula contains most of the old ingredients but also many unique additions. In addition it is still completely compatible with usage together with Testogen XR. If you are a fan of the old MyoBlitz, we think you will love MyoBlitz XS.


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