Giant Sports Muscle Maker

Giant Sports have cemented their place in bodybuilding and sports nutrition by making some of the most delicious protein powders around. Taking on the likes of Optimum Serious Mass, Giant Sports Muscle Maker is the company’s first attempt at a high calorie mass gainer. Boasting some impressive stats, let’s take a look to see how Muscle Maker stacks up to the competition.

Giant Sports Muscle Maker Highlights

  • Up to 1330 calories, 51.0 g protein, and 257 g carbs
  • Designed specifically for hard gainers
  • Classic delicious taste as expected from Giant Sport

Giant Sports Muscle Maker Ingredients

Providing the bulk of the nutrients from two ingredients, Muscle Maker is actually a very simple product. Its carbohydrates come from maltodextrin, and its protein is from whey protein concentrate, and some sunflower oil for a little fat. There are also some added ingredients to set Muscle Maker apart. These include the prebiotic Fibersol 2 Fibre, added BCAAs, creatine monohydrate, digestive enzymes, and grape seed extract which has antioxidant properties.

Each 168 g (3 scoops) serve provides 665 calories, 25.5 g protein, 129 g carbohydrates, 10.5 g sugar, and 2.85 g fat. However, Giant Sports suggest that up to two serves can be taken at once, thereby giving double of the above. That is, a huge 1330 calories.

Giant Sports Muscle Maker Effectiveness and Pros

When taken at its recommended 2 serves, Muscle Maker provides macronutrients comparable to some of the most hardcore mass gainers around. Containing a high proportion of carbohydrates (5 parts to one part protein), most people would refer to this product as a hard mass gainer. This formulation is very effective for those who find it very difficult to put on mass. The amount of powder you need to consume depends on the remainder of your diet and how hard it is for you to gain mass. Most people would find that 3 scoops a day would be adequate, but for those who really struggle, the full 6 scoops would be needed. This can be divided up into two servings spaced throughout the day. The added creatine and BCAAs make Muscle Maker more anabolic, and supportive of the muscle building process.

Muscle Maker is one of the few mass gainers that has been analysed to be completely gluten-free. This is great news for those with gluten intolerance as it can be very difficult to find a gluten free product in this category.

Giant Sports Muscle Maker Cons & Negatives

Due to the huge amount of carbs, Muscle Maker is by no means a lean muscle gainer. If you find that you put on fat very easily, you would need to look elsewhere. Simply using Giant Sports Delicious Protein may be a better option for these individuals.

The formulation for Muscle Maker is relatively simple, and those more used to advanced products may feel a little set back that there is only one protein and carbohydrate source. However, one needs to consider that Muscle Maker is priced in a way to reflect its basic formulation.

Although Muscle Maker contains added goodies like BCAAs and creatine, the lack of labelling transparency makes it very difficult to determine exactly how much. This may make Muscle Maker less attractive to the more discerning consumer.

Giant Sports Muscle Maker Taste & Mixability

As a powder, Muscle maker is relatively easy to mix. However, if you were to use the full 336 g, we would highly recommend a blender. Partly because there are very few shakers large enough to house that amount plus the water needed to properly mix it.

The flavour and texture of Muscle Maker is as you would expect from a Giant Sports product. Flavours are very reminiscent of Delicious Protein and Delicious Casein, simply put, it tastes great. The folks in the Mr Supplement office are particular fans of the banana flavour. The texture is also fairly thick, definitely on the thicker side of a high carb mass gainer.

Giant Sports Muscle Maker Verdict

If you are after a simple hard carb mass gainer, Giant Sports Muscle Maker is hard to pass up. It’s an excellent value for money product designed for those who really struggle to put on weight. Combine this with the fantastic Giant Sports’ flavouring system, and you have yourselves a winning formula.


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