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Guide to Bulking Up 0

Guide to Bulking Up

The truth is this: If you want to gain muscle as quickly as possible, you have to be willing to gain some fat too. And to be specific, the goal when bulking up is gaining muscle and fat at about an equal...

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Fat Loss Facts 0

Fat Loss Facts

There are many myths as to how weight loss is achieved and what happens to fat when we lose it. In their study findings, Ruben Meerman and Professor Andrew J Brown surprised many with their revelations on...

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Christmas Calories 0

Christmas Calories

Overindulging is something we are all guilty of at Christmas. But did you know there are around 6,000 calories lurking in the average Christmas Day feast, putting us at risk of gaining almost half a stone by...

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Guide To Beta-Alanine 0

Guide To Beta-Alanine

Beta-alanine has been studied so heavily in recent years that it’s almost impossible to question its ergogenic potential. But as is the nature of sports science research, once a theory is proven on a...

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